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Belmont AIrport Newcastle....Open for business??

Guest Andys@coffs

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Newcastle People


What's the go with Belmont Airport, Is it open for access to RAAus fliers? and if so is fuel (AvGas) available?


Just wondering in that I have to come down that way shortly and Belmont is a damn side closer to where I want to be than Cessnock/Maitland....


Nothing in the latest ERSA that I can see....


Quick look (really quick) shows I can fly Maitland (I have to come down the inland lane of entry) Belmont direct <4500ft is that how you locals see it?





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Last i heard a couple weeks ago they were holding back on visitors for the time being due to some work to be done on the airfield.


Jump the Beach (Bowie) is operating from there and landing his jumpers on Blacksmiths Beach opposite the airfield.


Be better off grabbing fuel at Maitland.



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