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New Accident reports from UK CAA

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A mixed bag of incidents in the January report for 2015,. . . .


For the RPT drivers and enthusiasts there's a report regarding an ATR 72-212 A, . . .Loss of Multi Function Computers, resulting in nosewhell steering becoming inoperatrive on runway. . . . .no Injuries but interesting techie stuff. . . . . .


Next, a really interesting one, A Cessna Citation 525 A CJ2, Stalled at FL430, loss of control resulting in five 360 degree rolls, and damaged wings. This one is really in-depth and most interesting, running to around 29 pages ( if you're a technical person )


PA 31 350, destroyed in Greenland,. . . suspected wrong oil or fuel for extreme cold conditions. . . .


There were a couple of PA 28s damaged, forced landings - suspected Carb ice. . .


A Beech F33 A landing incident - gear collapse on one side. . .


A couple of Robinson Helicopters trashed,. . . .


One tailwheel conversion bingle, instructor on board / ground loop.


The only LSA in the reprort is an Alpi Pioneer 300, engine failure close to an airfield,. . .81 yr old pilot made forced landing and was found some distance from the aaircraft with serious injuries and no recollection of event. . .


Anyway, any bored individuals can read all this yourselves on the following link,. . .look for the Redtop AAIB report and download the .PDF. . . .




The MOST important news is that there were No fatalities in the report ! ! !





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