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Skylite head set

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Hi Guys


I purchased from ebay a "Skylite 800" headset. $130 delivered. From the first time I used them the they didn't seem to work all that good, the sound was fine but the mic wasn't all that sensitive, had to real talk loud for it to work. they got progressively worse, by my 4th flight they didn't work at all.


Got in contact with the seller, they told me to send them back and they would pay for the postage back.{ fair enough} They sent me back the" Skylite 900" series {free upgrade} I used them last weekend and they seem ALOT!! better I think they are worth about $189 and they come with an MP3 plug on the side for your phone. Not that I'll be using that function while practicing my touch and goes or on my first solo :}


Just thought I'd let people know about that brand and how I found them. 900 series good , 800 series bad !!



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The blurb on Amazon sums it up:


The SL-800 is the first headset from SkyLite and has being popular among pilots around the world for over 7 years. Not only its attractive blue color has made it a pilot favorite,


First headset, although been popular for 7 years? Pretty in blue?



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