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Flyin Presentations


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Looks like CASA will be able to give a presentation on Human Factors at the Echuca Flyin - this was a hit at the Camden Haven Flyin - looks ok but they are getting back to me with a proper confirmation. I plan for this to be during the "drinks" session at the commencement of the saturday evening dinner.


Although I haven't asked as yet but I am sure someone from the RAAus will also come and do a talk between the dinner courses.


I am also trying to line up a comedien that Corrine and I had the pleasure of being entertained by at Shepparton at one of their dinners - Corrine and I have never laughed so much in our lives.


What other presentations/forums would you like to have at the flyin?



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CASA has confirmed that they will be giving a 45min presentation on situational awareness at 6:00pm on the Saturday evening during the pre-dinner drinks of the dinner.


I had lined up a display of radio controlled aircraft doing aerobatics but unfortunately taht has fallen through so if anyone knows of any of these enthusiasts that would like to come along and do a display then please let me know - thanks



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