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Got another question about my pre solo exam!

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VFR Guide page 110 references AIP Gen 2.7 s1.1 for the definition of last light


AIP ENR 1.2 s1.1.2 contains last light rule for Day VFR.


Tell me which book you are looking at and I'll try to find it for you. Your book will most likely reference both of these.


From AIP Gen 2.7 Last Light is defined as "End of Civil Twilight" however if you are on the South Eastern side of a hill and a bit down a valley, last light can happen a lot sooner



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Ops manual section 2.15-6 clause 19 (a) suggests the AIP is reference material. Section 3.01-3 clause 6(d)(x) says "and your flight training facility should have copies"


It doesn't specifically reference either AIP for last light (nor should it)


Bob Tait BAK 2008 edition Air Law (section 10) also says refer to AIP GEN and AIP ENR. Page 10.22 question 20 regards last light.


Aviation Theory Centre BAK 2008 Air Law chapter 5 references AIP ENR s1.2 but doesn't have a question on last light. Next edition probably will, now.


Don't have a Dyson Holland book handy.


The question comes up a fair bit. Don't get too bummed about not getting an exam question right because it is not in your study guide. The CASA VFR pilots guide is free in electronic form and is searchable. A student should at least have this as a copy and it rarely gets updated. Part 61 changed a few things but not too much.


Half the fun is reading the WHOLE section to see what else you missed or didn't understand. Mine was carriage of animals (CAR256a) and guns (CAR143). Ironically they appeared next to each other in the VFRG. Go figure.



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Hi again .Buggered if I can find the section in any of my books that tells me anything about "Last light requirements"


Anyone know where I should be looking for the regulations on last light ?





I hope this wasn't in your pre solo exam. A pre solo pilot has a lot to think about and it shouldn't be this. This question should be in later exams such as air law and nav/met.



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Hi guys ,for the help, much appreciated


These are thing things I was told to study and maybe in the exam.


Aerodrome symbols and markings


Right of way


Flights over water


VMC for different classes of airspace


How low can you fly to the ground


Privileges and limitations of pilot certificate


Smoking near aircraft


Drugs and alcohol


Max operating altitude for recreational aircraft


Last light requirements


Prohibited, restricted and danger areas


Low flying


Aerobatic flights


Control airspace separation


Airspace classes


Where to find airfield information


Flight above clouds


Formation flying


VTC chart symbology


Accidents and incidents


Carriage of passengers


Transponder codes


Aircraft eligible to fly in controlled airspace


see and avoid.


I see what you mean, some of this stuff has nothing to do with first solo unless my first solo contains some formation aerobatics over water just before dusk !!!



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Make sure you are comfortable separating yourself from other circuit traffic and going around at any likely point. When you solo the plane is different. It's lighter and may have different balance so may feel and flare differently. You are then the only one looking out for other traffic so be far more careful. Nev



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Yeah thanks for the tips, I have to also chase up the medical certificate, I have to email the Ra Aus to see if it is a specific doctor or any GP and also some security form I have to fill out, someone said that take a while to clear as well .







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