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5 Simple Rules for a Contented Life

Guest john

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1. Free your heart from hatred & try to always forgive if possible.


2. Free your mind from worries because most never happen anyway.


3. Live simply & appreciate what you have & accept without question the cards that were dealt your way.


4. Give as much as you can afford.


5. Expect less .



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# One. Beer achieves this.


# Two.Beer achieves this.


# Three. Beer achieves this.


# Four. Wont be beer I can tell you.


# Five. My exceptions always seem to lower after beer



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Is this an aviation inspired HIGHLY shortened version of that old monologue entitled DESIDERATA I wonder,. . . . . come on,. . .you must remember it,. . . . spoken by some american bloke with a soft musical track in the background . . .starting with. ."Go Placidly. . . . . and ending with. . ." for all it's desperation and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful place. . ." and all that. . . .come on, . . get the grey matter going. . . somewhere in the middle it says "Avoid loud and aggressive persons,. . .for these are vexations to the spirit. . . ." Does that mean,. . .avoid Forums, as these can get yer blood boiling somewhat . . .? ?


I see shorter versions of these things on Fizzog book, when I can be bothered to use it, . . .as I only go there for aviation groups and the fantastic order-order.com political website, which has some terrifically abusive threads and even worse comments regarding current politics. . . . .it's also highly amusing ! ( Off topic I realise. . .as per ususal )





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