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5th Grade Earth Science lesson . . .

Phil Perry

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The teacher was tutoring a grade 5 class in basic Earth science and asked some questions. . .


“ Now,. . .Michelle,. . .can you describe for the class, A Lake please”.


“Yes Miss,. . . . a lake is a body of water completely surrounded by land”


“VERY GOOD Michelle. . . Now,. . . . Darren, . . please describe an Island please”


“Yes Miss, . . . .an Island is a body of land completely surrounded by water “


“VERY GOOD Darren. . . . .Now, . . . Manuel, . . . . please describe a Beach”










“Yes Meez,. . . . A Beach eez a Lady dog completely surrounded by Man dogs. . .”





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That reminds me of Little Johnny... in class the teacher was asking the kids to use words in a sentence.


"Can anyone use the word 'hospital' in a sentence?"


Annie sticks up her hand. "Me, Miss! Me, Miss!"


"Yes, Annie?"


"Last year my Dad broke his arm and had to go to hospital!" Annie proudly says.


"Very good, Annie. Now... how about the word 'medicine'?" asks the teacher.


Annie is the only one to put up her hand. "Miss! Oh, Miss!" she squeaks.


Teacher sighs. "Yes, Annie?"


"When my Dad went to hospital, the nurse gave him lots of medicine for his pain." Annie says.


"Yes, that's a good use of the word," says the teacher. "Last one, and this one is a bit harder. Can anyone use the word 'contagious' in a sentence?"


The room is absolutely still except for Annie tentatively raising her hand again. "Anyone else?" asks the teacher.


At the back of the room, rocked back on his chair and picking his nose, Little Johnny says "I know one, Miss."


The teacher is surprised and pleased that Little Johnny is taking an interest. "Yes, Johnny?" she asks.


Little Johnny says....


"When my Dad and me were out in the car the other day, a truck carrying oranges had lost its load, and my Dad said 'It's going to take some poor contagious to pick those buggers up!'"



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