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Web Cam Roundup


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I've been asked to create a web page that lists all of the publicly available web cameras within the vicinity of Clifton YCFN. This is because I am responsible for two at that field.


The Lone Eagle Flying School web site has a web cam page where the output can be seen.




Today I added the road camera at the top of the range facing east. It looked like someone has sprayed the camera with school glue (its actually low cloud, not uncommon).


Also I'm looking for a good local (to Clifton) Wunderground feed. I know of one in Clifton township but it hasn't been calibrated for a while and the numbers no longer make sense.


If anyone has some good data to share and its closer geographically than Toowoomba or Warwick, please reply or PM me.


From myself, Trevor Bange and everyone at DDSAA, thanks in advance



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Apparently there was supposed to be a publicly viewable web camera pointing at the bridge next to the Oakey train station. If it is there the feed isn't published.


Announcement buried here:





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Weekend of 22-24 July 2016 a bunch of people did a bunch of work at Clifton YCFN airfield. The club house now has a really nice PA system and two new cameras for a total of four. The weather on Saturday was feral so it was a great time to get stuff done inside.


Massive thanks to everyone who helped or just turned up and said hello. Not many people realise the huge effort involved in wiring up a PA system and data plus a web server and all the other little tasks. There is still a bit to go to tidy up but it isn't urgent or particularly difficult.


I met a lot of club members and others for the first time and got to do some flying on Sunday. Plus I escaped the dreaded Canberra Winter.


I am going to miss the planned trip to Wellcamp on 30th July. I will have to settle for watching the progress instead. May the weather be kind to all on the day.


Anyways the Lone Eagle Flying School website will get its camera link page updated in time. Before then, anyone interested can see the comings and goings at Clifton by following the link below.


DDSAA YCFN Web Camera Diagnostic Page as per the pilot note for YCFN in OzRunways



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Weekend 21st April 2018. Gosh it's been nearly two years!


Without going in to too much detail, all cameras at Clifton are uploading directly to the Lone Eagle Flying School website and the diagnostic page has been turned off.


The cameras are updating every two minutes and all four cameras are available on OzRunways at YCFN.


New equipment has allowed people to entertain the idea of a weather station with a web based interface so stay tuned for that.


Big thanks to (in no particular order) the DDSAA committee,Trevor Bange, Mitchell Watson, WayneL, Wayne H and everyone else who put up with the shenanigans that led to Clifton Aerodrome now having these cameras plus solid WiFi and a really good infrastructure for internet based exams, flight planning and situational awareness.


Finally, thanks to a grant from a well-known philanthropist, Toowoomba Airport has four web cameras which can be accessed from here



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