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How to organise a Fly-In

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Hello guys, I want to organise a Fly-In and I'm interested to hear other peoples advice, warnings, suggestions or first hand experiences in doing just that.


The event I am dreaming up will be targeted to pilots of a specific aircraft but by no means strictly exclusive. My main concern is legalities and all that BS, I hear all the time that the humble fly in of the AUF days can't exist anymore due to red tape, liability concerns etc etc.


Am I better off not calling it a fly in or even an event? A bootleg fly in of sorts.


Hit me with your thoughts folks!



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Liability/insurance depends alot on your field owners I think.


More than likely if attendees have a fee to pay or your hiring commercial services then things ramp up.


Call it a "gathering", "barbecue" or "open day" . Market it as an informal get-together and perhaps have a donation box (to cover costs).


As in "I'll be having a barbecue on Sunday XXXXX, if anyone wants to join me for a sanga, feel free to call in".


Just my thoughts anyway. Could be way off the mark........



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