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TL Ultralight Stream


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Well I guess wondering what that red circle in the middle of the "U" in the registration is kind of distracting.

Unfortunately those that watch alot of internet videos will immediately recognise it as "the red circle of death".

Not what you want to see on an aircraft...


When you are watching an internet video sometimes a person has a red ring around them. Something bad always happens to that person....spooky I know......



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They got bolt on's, nothing flash about those, have the planes any day, planes got many advantages over them.


1/ I could take them to greater heights in the plane than I could with them.


2/ Plane has far more endurance that I would have so I would get much more pleasure & time out of it.


3/ I can park the plane in a hangar and not have to talk to it for a week.


4/ I could ride in plane anytime i wanted to play with it and it wouldn't knock me back.


5/ I 'd want to go to the plane after my 10 minutes with them in any case


6/ Its an overrated pastime as you get older but flying isn't


Yep, I want the plane, only use for the bolt on airbags they got is for cushioning in a stack.





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What are they covering up?. Is there something wrong with the plane? Perhaps the "ladies " are the booby prize. Remember they are all capable of driving you mad. IF they say "either THAT Plane (or Motorbike) GOES, or I do" get the answer right. You won't get chances like that often.. Nev



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