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Purchase of aircraft. What inspections?


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What inspections should be done before purchasing an aircraft, and who should do them?


I am still a student pilot considering purchase so I have something to fly when I finish training.


The aircraft being considered is a Tyro Mk2







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Not really on subject but you say you are only just doing your licence. I would suggest waiting until you get it and fly a few different aircraft and see which one you like the most. It can all get very exciting buying an aircraft and before you know it you can end up with something that you didn't really want. So my advice for anyone buying a plane. Slow down! and make sure its exactly what you want. Just because its what you can afford doesn't mean its the right one for you.





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Guest TOSGcentral

I am in full agreement with Adam. I am involved in a fair amount of buying and selling and my standard advice is do not buy anything until you have your pilot's certificate.


Wants and needs change, goals shift etc and I have seen too many people now stuck with an aircraft they do not want. Remember that buying is easy - selling can be difficult!



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