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titan T51 kitplanes review

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Definitely a Rotax Cherk

OK, now I'm getting confused?

The latest Sport Pilot pictures the Titan Mustang and Spitfire, claiming both in the photo and in the text (page 15), that the mustang is powered by a Jabiru 6?




I guess the numbers (weight, supposed power, etc) could add up, and would explain the tiny prop.


Just hope he can keep it cool, maybe he's using the Rotec water cooled heads?


Interesting to note, I got my hardcopy Sport Pilot yesterday, but could not find the link to the digital version on the RAAus website?


It is available on the ISSUU site;





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They must be an amazingly clever design, there's one on the RAAus register with an empty weight under 400kg. Makes them quite useful, even with a reduced MTOW of 600kg they can carry pilot plus 1 pax, 60 litres of fuel and has retractable gear. Much more useful than any of the RV range of aircraft when it comes to RAAus rego. I really admired the one on display at the last Avalon airshow.

I asked around and there's another RAAus registered one with similar equipment, it comes in with an empty weight of around 450kgs.



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Looks like the perfect candidate for a M73 V12 BMW motor with redrive.


Could be easily done as long as pilot is happy to fly solo.


Much better than a chev and the sound...........


Given I have a shed of new ones to access- one could be built up and in airframe for less than a new rotax.


Then a real nice big bladed prop and it would look, sound and go like a scale mustang or spitfire should.



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A engine view and lovely sound.


Ain't no pussy rotax or mini mouse Jabiru.


Please notice how silky smooth the engine is, at any revs. A 60 degree V12 like this is beautifully balanced and a great candidate for a redrive without a lot of harmonic balance problems. The redrive is branded Titan.


The Mustang has that lovely cooling system scoop so it should be used.




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This motor as you can see has cam drive for the ignition and normally has distributors. Or can be converted for magnetos.


They are in stock form engineered for ignition and injection as separate systems for each bank of six. So even if ignition or injection fails on one complete side then you will still run as a complete six cylinder on the other side. That is a very handy attribute in a aircraft motor. So even with failure of one complete bank- you still have 170hp minus pump losses of the out bank, to get you safely home. The dead side is a drag but not a party killer with vibration. In a two tonne BMW 750 this motor will do 180km/hr on one side and 300km/hr with computers limiter off.


The Mustang has that lovely cooling system scoop so it should be used.


Sorry about the double video but damn it is double a Jabiru and triple a Rotax.


If anyone is interested in a BMW M73 V12 for their project aircraft or Hotrod or sportscar or power boat. A mate I help with engines has these german masterpiece's brand new as 340hp. They can be built to your exact needs and standard have high torque cams and heads. They are chain driven heads- not belts. The build inside even a standard motor is beautiful and all forged parts.


Pm me if interested.



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