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Hi guys.


Does the new RPL [H] allow a person to gain a helicopter licence in 20 hours + 5 hours solo .


I realise this is the minimum time.


RPL [H] would allow flight of a mosquito XE but not the turbine version XET?


Turbine version would require PPL[H] correct?


Seems to me the new licence could substantially cut down the cost of gaining a heli licence.


at minimum $500 per hour cutting say hours down to 30 instead of PPL[H] 50 hours?


well you can do the math.


I have tried CASA site and seems the rules are the same for RPL H and RPL A







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Brendan, 20hrs duel and 5 hrs solo is correct, but good luck if you would be allowed to go solo after 20hrs (Recreational choppers only). Turbines is a different endorsement including theory.



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