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Can any Tecnam LSA be flown with doors off?

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Have had a Tecnam P2004 Bravo for only about 2.5 months now.


Much to like!


Including, we recently noticed, it is very quick and easy to remove and replace the doors.


So wondering if officially or unofficially it can be flown with doors off, and if so what speed limit.


Would be great for photography.


Has anyone here heard of any Tecnam LSA being flown with doors off, or better yet themselves done so?




(my first post here)


P.S., Whoops, after posting this I saw that back in 2010 someone asked the same question and got quite a few relevant replies.


But I wouldn't mind if anyone replies to this post with any more info.



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the Low wing tecnams can be flown with the canopy open, as per the flight manual, but do you do loose lift and need to keep speed below 70kts. as for the high wing tecnams, i have no idea



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