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What actual cruise speeds IAS do you get on your P2004 Bravo?

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Yesterday took brutus Bravo to 2000 feet - OAT would have been 25 degrees - 150 kilos of pilot and fuel - no wheel fairings - standard timber propflew one way - then reciprocal back - it was a lumpy day and suspect plane was in lift and then sink .......... not the best day for record taking


rough recording was as follows - speeds were (REVs: IAS / GPS)




5000: 103 / 95


5200: 104 / 94


5400: 119 / 110




5000: 103 / 105


5200: 104 / 110


5400: 110 / 114


5600: 115 / 118

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John wrote, in part --


"rough recording was as follows - speeds were (REVs: IAS / GPS) ....."


Much thanks John!


Very useful info.


Per your results, taking them as "normal", if I didn't know anything else, I'd say the speeds/results we're getting were reasonably close to normal for the Bravo, except that we can never hit 5600 RPM (5350 is about max).


(And of course we have the evidence that our compression is noticably below optimal.)


If we take your results as "normal" we'd have to say that Tecnam's claimed cruise of 116 knots at 5500 RPM is a bit exaggerated.


And then again have that youtube video I mentioned where they happened to pan over a Bravo's instruments in level flight and I saw 129 knots.


So curious if you consider your compressions and power output normal?


Or to put it another way: If you by chance got your Bravo when it was new, have you noticed any loss of rate of climb?





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more than happy to continue talk Sky 2 (good for tecnam chatter)


Compressions and power normal ................. I believe


I'd say the higher you go the better your speed - don't think 2000 ft would be the optimum height ?


lets do a climb test - let us know your parameters and result and I'll do the same (suggest known aircraft weight and a ___________ knots ? entry speed and time say a 2000 foot climb at say ___________ knots ?)


Just beware the air in oz is much cleaner than the states so you'll be up against some stiff competition 080_plane.gif.36548049f8f1bc4c332462aa4f981ffb.gif



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Did I miss it ? or has know one given fuel consumption figures.


A pretty good indicator of how hard your donk is working is fuel consumption eg My Zephy routinely gets  (whole of sorti) 13 l/hr @ 100 knots 4800-500 rpm on a trip.  As low as 7-8 l/hr stooging around the training area 60 - 80 knots. My prop is a Fiti two blade ground adjustable, set for advantage climb - static RPM 5200 (tied to the fence)



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