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Guess This Aircraft ?


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That's right Thruster88. Only 5 production aircraft produced, and are on the FAA register as Anderson Greenwood AND-51-A which is how I found it listed, but they are one and the same.


This one might test you.





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Close enough. The Gobosh 700S is an American light-sport aircraft that was designed by Polish designer Tomasz Antoniewski as the Aero AT-3 and is marketed by Gobosh Aviation of Moline, Illinois. The 700S was introduced in 2007 and is supplied as a complete ready-to-fly-aircraft


The Aero AT-4 had been developed in parallel to the EASA CS-VLA certified Aero AT-3 in order to meet the new US Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) regulations.


The title on the image identified it as the AT-4 LSA.





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