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Yes, Googles algorithms find virtually everything that has ever been posted for public display. And I've spent 20 yrs fine-tuning my internet searching abilities.   As a little thread drift

That's it Kasper. The left wheel folded into a fairing on the right side of the fuselage, and the right wheel into a lefthand fairing. In 1998 Explorer Aircraft was established in Jasper, Texas, to co

I think that would have a nickname of legbreaker  

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Just using (that much maligned) Wikipedia to search for unknown (to me) aircraft to add to the Aircraft section of this site. It has lists by country/genre/decade  -  eg. Utility aircraft from Romania in the 1990's. It turns up some for this quiz.

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This is the Bilsam Aviation Sky Cruiser.

I find it a little different to all those so similar in that it had a Suzuki up front, not spam-can Rotax

Yup Wikipedia.. 

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36 minutes ago, red750 said:

Yep. One pilot stated that it "took off at 120mph, cruised at 120 mph and landed at 120 mph."

So just like the old Pegasus XL trikes ... except everything happened at 50mph

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Absolutely correct Pete. For those not familiar with this Australian designed and built but little known aircraft, (well I hadn't heard of it till I stumbled upon it today) it has an impressive list of firsts. Here is a sample of the information on adf-serials.com, with a link to the page detailing the seven units which served with the RAAF, serial no's A14-1 to A14-7. One of the interesting 'firsts' was that A14-2 was destroyed in New Guinea by the first Japanese daylight raid on Port Moresby. I will do a profile for the aircraft section shortly.



The Tugan LJW7 Gannet, also known as the Wackett Gannet after its designer Sir Lawrence Wackett, was a small twin-engined airliner built initially by Tugan Aircraft in Australia in the mid-1930s until Tugan was absorbed into the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) in 1937. The Gannett was the first Australian-designed aircraft to enter series production and it was the first Australian-designed and built aircraft to be taken on strength by the Royal Australian Air Force.  Apart from being the first Australian designed aircraft in RAAF service it was also the first monoplane introduced into Australian military service.


The Air Board purchased two Gannets (A14-1 and A14-2) from Tugan Aircraft in 1935 and 1936 for use by the RAAF in general transport duties and aerial photographic surveys.  Both aircraft were traded in to the CAC as a down payment for additional [improved] Gannets in December 1937. A14-1 was upgraded and modified then placed in storage with CAC until it was impressed into RAAF service in June 1940. A14-2 was also upgraded but it was sold and operated in Papua New Guinea as VH-UXE until it was destroyed by the 1st Japanese  air raid on Port Moresby - 24Feb42.  "


This is the link to the adf-serials item.

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