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Just SuperSTOL crash lands

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Guest SrPilot

AvWeb is reporting that the Just Aircraft SuperSTOL demonstrator went down on August 2 just after takeoff due to loss of power because of water-contaminated fuel. The plane was "destroyed" but those on board were uninjured. Just Aircraft owner Troy Woodland was piloting the plane.




This was the first report of the accident to come my way. Personally, I think the SuperSTOL is a very interesting airplane. If I lived in Alaska or somewhere in the Rockies, or were 25 years [or more] younger, I'd be a prospect. As things are, the Foxbat can serve my needs in virtually all the areas in which I live and fly. Ergo, I opted for an A22LS. 059_whistling.gif.a3aa33bf4e30705b1ad8038eaab5a8f6.gif



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Did well to get out of it uninjured, I guess it says something about being a slow plane.


I wonder if they did a fuel drain after their last refuelling? Good reminder to do it every morning and then again after each refuel throughout the day.



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