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Abandoned Aircraft Photos

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Had seen this link, but was trying to find another one so as not to inflict all the other crap on that site.013_thumb_down.gif.ec9b015e1f55d2c21de270e93cbe940b.gif


Probably easier to just post them here, some had comments, but not a great deal to learn from, so here we go.....






















Searching the net, there are lots of 'abandoned' aircraft around the world, for all sorts of reasons.


Seems a shame but....



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What peasant could cut up such an iconic aircraft? Even in that dilapidated state she is still a beautiful, menacing beast.

Totally agree.


Can't verify the accuracy, but a Wikipedia article on F-4 variants lists only two YF-4M prototypes.


Surely deserving of restoration for a museum display.


Taking into account the amazing story of the original F-4 development, add to that the political drama and engineering challenges of the British version, there's a great historical story there. It deserves better than the scrap yard.



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I think it's a Vought Cutlass

Yes, looking at photos, I think you're right, Peter.


It has an extraordinary long front leg even by Navy standards.




Cheers Willie.



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It looks a bit like Navy TA-4J Skyhawk Trainer, but not positive.Cheers, Willie.

Nope, that was one of my thoughts too, but the A-4 and TA-4 are low wing with the intake above the wing. this looks mid wing with the intakes ahead and level with the wing root.


I though A-10 without the gun at first, but their engines are out back and podded.



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And a field of old planes behind the Boxcars

Thought it might have been at Kamloops in Canada, but then noticed the US rego's..


Abandoned PZL 106's

Don't know if this will work but;

<32º060'27.56"N, 84°11'18.82"W.>



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Manufacturer WARSZAWA-OKECIE Model PZL 106-BR Americus, GA (USA)[ATTACH=full]37647[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]37649[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]37648[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]37651[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]37650[/ATTACH]

What a waste of all those big old radials and props.



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This ex-Ansett-ANA Bell 47J-2 is (or was) located on the Frankston-Dandenong Road, previously at Wobbies World theme park (now closed) for kids to climb over. I rode in this aircraft a number of times when it was in service on the Yarra Heliport - Essendon shuttle service.





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Slightly off topic, but I was trolling around the Top Gear track/airport (looking at abandoned aircraft/airports), and found while looking at Heathrow, if you open the time scale in Google Earth (not maps), you can scroll backwards to [bold]1945[/b]!!


Some airfields that have disappeared completely.053_no.gif.1b075e917db98e3e6efb5417cfec8882.gif



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