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Cathay Pacific records growth on Wellcamp cargo flight

5th Nov 2018 5:00 AM


TOOWOOMBA'S cargo flight to the world continues to grow, with Cathay Pacific recording year on year tonnage growth on the flight to Hong Kong.


The airline will reach the two year milestone for the flight later this month.


The airline began operating the flight on November 21, 2016 and operates the flight to Hong Kong every Tuesday.


Cathay Pacific Regional Head of Cargo SWP Nigel Chynoweth said the service had grown since its introduction.


"We have seen year-on-year tonnage growth out of Toowoomba Wellcamp, and while we are not planning to change the frequency of our service, we regularly review the performance of all our routes to ensure we are capturing the demand that exists in the market," Mr Chynoweth said.


"We are pleased with the freighter from Wellcamp. We uplift weekly shipments of perishables, including chilled meat, produce and dairy and also oversize shipments of mining equipment, aircraft engines and artwork.


"We are fortunate that with a network of 46 freighter ports we are able to handle all types of shipments to almost anywhere in the world."


Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise CEO Ali Davenport said the flight had a significant impact on Toowoomba's economy.


"It's absolutely amazing for us," Ms Davenport said.


"It brings opportunity that we just wouldn't normally have if we didn't have that flight or that airport."


Ms Davenport said she hoped to see more local agriculture producers take advantage of the flight.


"We would love to see more agricultural products going on the plane," she said.


"We're running a program (through Food Leaders Australia) called Emerging Exports, where we are working with business to get them to that export ready status.


"We would love for them to use that direct flight out of Wellcamp Airport."


Ms Davenport said Wellcamp Airport as a whole was a game changer for the region.


"We'd be lost without it," she said.


"The airport is part of our future, along with rail and the Second Range Crossing.


"Without the airport we as a region wouldn't be advancing as fast as we are."

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I thought this was relevant to Wellcamp, local council buys flight school for below replacement cost after BAE moves out

Tamworth Regional Council, NSW government buy BAE facilities for secret amount

FLY BUY: Tamworth mayor Col Murray and MP Kevin Anderson outside the BAE facilities purchased by council for an undisclosed amount. Photo: Supplied

FLY BUY: Tamworth mayor Col Murray and MP Kevin Anderson outside the BAE facilities purchased by council for an undisclosed amount. Photo: Supplied


TAMWORTH Regional Council has bought the BAE flying school facilities but it remained tight-lipped about the purchase price.

Council will be the landlord of the flight training facilities as Virgin Australia is expected to sign a 10-year lease to run its pilot training academy out of the newly-purchased digs.

Mayor Col Murray claimed the deal was “commercial in confidence” and couldn’t reveal the price council paid BAE for the facilities, but he did hint at a big contribution from the state government to help seal the deal.


“The acquisition price was below market value, but it is held in commercial in confidence at the moment,” Cr Murray said.

“But I’d like to assure the community it was very, very reasonable and a significantly below our formal evaluation.”

Similarly, Tamworth MP Kevin Anderson would not divulge how much the government chipped-in to buy the buildings.

“Negotiations are still under way at this point in time with Virgin and BAE exiting and we will wait until we get all the ink on the paper, we’ll wait until Virgin sign-up take the keys and take over,” Mr Anderson said.

General manager Paul Bennett said council and Virgin would finalise negotiations on Tuesday and hoped to have the contracts signed early in 2019.

He believed council would make a return on its investment within the initial 10-year lease.

“There was a very strong business case put forward and that’s how we secured the support from state government, it has to be done on the basis that it is a long-term viable business proposition,” he said.

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Tamworth has had flight training for many years and probably appreciate how much it contributes to the town. If they become the landlord they may even get in income from the buildings. Good for them. Tamworth certainly makes itself felt in the country music sphere so there must be some go ahead attitude there.

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 Making money out of anything to do with Aeroplanes requires a special talent. Councils generally excel at killing off aerodromes, by seeing them as a cash cow . BAE put the original structures in years ago, I think. It's in a hollow which is hot in summer and cool in winter. TOO hot and TOO cool . It grew rich on the sheeps back in the 50's Nev

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22 hours ago, facthunter said:

 ... It's in a hollow which is hot in summer and cool in winter. TOO hot and TOO cool ...


A "hollow"?  

Many towns began on river crossings points. Tamworth did and has spread either side of the floodplain, mostly on elevated land.

The original airstrip has long since been swallowed up by Tamworth's industrial area (Taminda) but it's history has been preserved in street names honouring famous aircraft and pilots. Some of the original WWII hangars are still used as business premises. 


The current airport is several km west of town on flood-free land. Good on the council for buying the school facilities vacated by BAE (and probably built with loads of public subsidy money).

We at Qurindi hope our airport continues to be used by Tamworth's flying school; it makes the place viable.

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I hope it works too but my issue is with how Councils perform in the real world. I'm not referring to the original airstrip.. You, being at  Qurindi would be familiar with getting in and out of the top end of the Hunter Valley also as it presents considerable challenges when there's low cloud or storms  on the ranges..  Nev

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not really Wellcamp related but of interest to @mnewbery

Departing tourism CEO hails Wagner's 'vision' for sector

Tom Gillespie
2 minutes


Tom Gillespie

9th Jan 2019 3:02 PM

Subscriber only


THE former CEO of one of the Darling Downs' competing tourism authorities has backed the two groups joining forces to propel the sector forward.

Ruth Wetmore, who was the main face of John Wagner's privately-run Tourism Darling Downs for 18 months, today confirmed she had finished her contract with the organisation to return to work in Sydney.

Ms Wetmore said she loved her time in the region, so much so she stayed six months longer than her original contract.

"I had a one-year contract to put tourism back on the map. I feel I had achieved those goals," she said.

"We had demonstrated to those who had been funding tourism that there was another way.

"I did 500 one-on-ones with operators.

"We got China here, we had international tour operators come through who loved the area.

"I have been passionate about the region - it was an amazing journey for me."

Ms Wetmore also praised the work of Mr Wagner, calling him a "visionary".

"The bottom line is what I and John wanted was to give tourism a massive boost and let it continue in an entity that could be funded for the future," she said.

Ms Wetmore's comments come as a major shake-up in the tourism industry looms, centred around the structure and leadership at TDD and the council and government-funded Southern Queensland Country Tourism.

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