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New trike flyer on the Gold Coast

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Hi All,


I'm a fireman on the Gold Coast and recently passed my BAK exam...only the flight test left to go. On occasion I've come across some of your posts whenever I've googled information searching answers so thanks for those savvy pilots who have been helping members of the forum. My flying experience started about 14 years ago when I took up hangliding... unfortunately with a son on the way I was pressured into leaving the sport but vowed to return. Now I own an Airborne Edge X 582 and hope to be flying it soon after I pass my flight test. I look forward to chatting with you in the future.


Thanks for reading.







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Welcome to Recreational Politics and Religion.


If you use the search function up in the top right corner, you can even find some aviation stuff.......


Seriously, 098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif


It will be good to have another trike pilot around:cheers:



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Hey good on you joining here, there is a flock of Trike guys at Jacobs Well INCLUDING on in a flying boat thingy. Drop out and say hello each Saturday morning, they will welcome you as another 'soul brother' with open arms.



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Rowdy Rick, the most unloved person on the planet! If he is going out for dinner he wears his new thongs, they are only 3 years old!


One of the nicest, kindest people you would ever meet and would give you his left are if you needed it!



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What sort of rate are they charging for Hangars down there? It is closer to home for me, but i seem to have made a lot of friends up at Caboolture now and would need to consider if I am willing to leave.



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