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Has anyone got a wiring diagram solution to connecting an hr meter to a rotax 503 so it only runs when the engine is running. I have the rotax reg/rectifier.





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http://www.titanaircraft.com/tornado_ii_manual.phpclick on fuselage, scroll down to 503 wiring diagram.

also in the options tab 582 wiring diagram

Thanks FT. Good wiring diagrams but 503 one is for no battery in circuit, 582 diagram does not show an HR Meter in circuit.


How about a tiny tach

Thanks Thommo, that would work!

Still want to know how to wire in a 'conventional one'! I know it can be done!



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For what it's worth, I put a cheap ebay "Tiny Tach" onto my 582, with the lead wrapped around the spark plug lead, and it has kept in step with the "conventional" wired in hour meter for over 110 hours. Could never get the tacho to display the correct values however.



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