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Taxi Driver


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A man hails down a taxi on a cold wet night. He says to the taxi driver that he needs to get to the airport A.S.A.P as he is running late for a plane. After about ten minutes in traffic the passenger is becoming impatient, he looks at his watch and then taps the taxi driver on the shoulder. At this point the taxi driver lets out a blood curdling scream and puts the accelerator to the floor, screams around a corner on two wheels, sideswipes a bus then crashes into a shop front window. When both men regain their senses, the passenger apologises to the taxi driver for startling him. The taxi driver replies that this is his first day on the job. The passenger then says that isn't a good reason for reacting the way he did, I know the taxi driver said, but before this job I drove a hearse for 17 years..





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