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ROTAX - spark plug leads


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My Rotax 447 is mounted upside down in my aircraft, hence the spark plugs point down. Whilst the HT lead caps/rubbers are in very good condition and fit firmly onto the solid post spark plugs, I would like to add a bracket or clip of somesort to "craddle" the spark plug lead cap so it can not accidentally come off.


Does anyone know of a proven method and or product that will do the "craddling"?


Or, is this idea a waste of time and effort?







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503 rotax in my drifter is mounted in similar position. just drill two holes on the sides of spark plugs on metal casing(outer cooling shroud) and use cable ties to attach bungie cord to these holes. just make sure the bungie cord passes right on top of the caps and is tight enough stopping plugs from falling off.





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Spark plug leads


Hi Sean,


Another way that works very well also if you have dual spark plugs, is to tie a zip tie around the pair of plug caps and pull up firm. This will ensure they will not come off and it also stops them from vibrating on the plug tip.





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