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Junior World Gliding Championship 2015

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Well the Junior World gliding competition has been run and done. Congratulation to the winners. Despite all the negativity that often surrounds the future of aviation it is great to see young pilots being successful and enjoying flying!!!


Standard class


1. Matthew Scutter (AUS) 9070pts


2. Robin Smit (NED) 8815pts


3. Sebastian Nägel (DEU) 8701pts


Club class


1. Tom Arscott (GBR) 9155pts


2. Philipp Schulz (DEU) 9132pts


3. Sam Roddie (GBR) 8975pts


Full details with pics and write up here:





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The conditions were good but the speed these juniors were flying the tasks was incredible. 158 kph for 600 km one day.


A 17 year old Australian won a day in club class. Someone to watch. James Nugent.


Congrats to Matt Scutter. We knew he was fast but now a world champion!



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Matt Scutter currently leading in the 15 Meter class of the Australian Nationals - see <url=http://www.soaringspot.com/en_gb/54th-australian-nationals-ozglide-benalla-gld-2016/results/15-meter/task-5-on-2016-01-10/total>day 5</url>. He will certainly be a competitor in WGC next year - with a strong chance to do well in that as well.



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