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XAIR UL Training and 2 Stroke

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Well I've heard from a number of people suggesting that it does, so I asked my cfi when I did my bfr, [18/12/15] he said as you say that they no longer exist and promptly endorsed me for all the aircraft I've flown in my log book that he has knowledge of but even so I still was not convinced. By chance my bfr and PC became due at the same time and when my email arrived from raa to say all was well and my certificate would be in the mail came which I still have it was minus as you would expect the LP/HP endorsements. Here was an oppurtunity to ring raa and get a final word and put my mind at rest so I did. I was put through to the appropiate people the responce " that's ok it would be on my certificate when it arrived and true to their word there they were all nine of them including HP and LP, hence my comment a fact check is in order.Terry

Hi Terry,

I presume that if you had gained your LP/HP or any other endorsements PRIOR to them becoming a thing of the past, that they would still leave them on your certificate. But, as written in the latest Ops, they're not a listed endorsement anymore. You can't obtain those endorsements anymore. But there's no point in RAA taking them off of your Cert if you already obtained them years ago. Shows a skill set for you as well. I'm not arguing with you, just simply saying that the endorsement is N/A



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Individual aircraft endorsements were not required, in the past . Why would you talk about all the other differences based on "characteristics" if you have to have an every different aircraft endorsement?However it would be unclever to just hop into a different plane and just fly it without some preparation/familiarity.. If you are $#1t hot it should show very quickly. It shouldn't be a money raising thing, but IF I was owner of a plane you hadn't flown, and I just let you go it would appear a bit casual. Familiarisation would be the thing to do. It would appear negligent to not check your currency and skill level. Nev

Hi Nev,

I have flown with the previous owner for a couple of hours, so I learned quite a bit about the aircraft. Obviously still learning, and keen to find another X Air owner in VIC that has more experience than me



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