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Echuca WX


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Hi from Jamestown SA, we are having TS and heavy showers, 12mm in the last 2 hours from showers. Looking at the cloud and the way it is moving it looks like it is headed for Echuca from here, was planning on coming to the flyin. Does anyone have any ideas on what the weather will do for the weekend! May have to stay at home and watch the Red Bull on the big screen in the shed!


Cheers Guy



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Guest pelorus32

I've just spoken to the Aviation Briefer at the BOM.


The crystal ball for tomorrow for YSHT/YECH is as follows:


Rain overnight Friday, with a fair degree of atmospheric moisture. Cloud Broken at 1000'.


The trend for Saturday is for the weather to clear with the low cloud to be gone by 11 am local at the latest. During the balance of the day the weather will be high cloud with a South to SW airflow at 10-12 knots perhaps slightly more in the afternoon.


The weather will again deteriorate from about 9pm local on Saturday.


There is unlikely to be any TS activity over Victoria on Saturday but there may be some over NSW on Saturday.


If you want info for Sunday or you want route info for your own trip I suggest ringing the BOM. They are very helpful I rang the Melbourne Briefer on 03 9669 4850.







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