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Robmus on here had one last heard - he may have sold his. It looked very similar to that one and was HKS powered I think.

That Boorabee in the first post was mine and yes I flew it for hundreds of hours. When I purchased it was fitted with a 582 Rotax, and after many enjoyable hours I fitted a HKS 700, great move, went from about 17 ltrs/hr mixed 2 stroke fuel to 11-12 ltr/ hr 95 UL at same performance. Yes it is now in North Island of NZ with a very happy owner. The only problem is that I miss her terribly as she was such a delight to fly. No vices whatsoever. I am now stuck with a Jabiru 170 that I fitted a 912 100 hp Rotax too. Good aircraft but not as much fun!



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Sorry to hear your stuck with anything Robmus let alone a 100 hp Jab, it is a nice looking unit and I'm sure the new owner is very happy being stuck with it lol



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