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Engineer's Help Needed

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I need advice from someone that may be able to help advise me on this.This has nothing to do with Aviation but as site Admin I am asking for some leeway on this post...it will be deleted once someone can help me with this.


As a break from running this site I have been building in our family pool area. However I have come up with a problem and that before when we wanted to use the endless spa pool, we would just slide the lids off and store them beside the pool. This will not be possible once it is all built in.


My thought was to perhaps use a pulley system that would lift the pool lids off the top and slide them down the gap beside the pool. Then when finished, you could use the pulley system to lift the lids back up and steer them back down on to the top of the pool.


My problem is:


1. Is this feasible?


2. Is there a better way?


3. At what exact distance along the roof beams would I need to mount the pulley...scientific engineer calculation needed here?


Any thoughts?


Here are some pictures:




Hi there Ian,


As huge fan of the KISS principle, why not just a couple of gas struts, with appropriate brackets?







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All sorted...just purchased a pool blanket instead of having the hard covers. They have assured me the thermal properties of keeping the heat inside the pool once heated up by the gas heaters I have will be the same as the hard covers. I will just make up a roller and handle and attach it to the back side of the pool...all done.


Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees and you guys have really really helped me on this...thank you all. I might leave this thread till after it is all finished to post the pictures of the end result.



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Set it up with runners like a folding garage door, though you may do it one piece if you have the room. A winch with worm drive and a chain to activate it and limit switches at each extreme. Nev.



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