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extending EGT leads


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I have a situation where I need to extend the leads of my dual EGT gauge by about 30cm. What will the best cable be to use for the extension and can I solder the joins without too much voltage loss in the line.







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To have everything working correctly you are supposed to use the same type of thermocouple leads, right back to the gauge. Extensions are sold for the job.


In the real world its OK to use wire joiners or crimp connectors onto normal aircraft wiring to get the extension you require, If you can put the join in an area of same ambient temperature as the gauge is that would be best.


The error you will get is an under reporting of EGT by the temperature at the joint. For CHT this could be significant but EGT on direct reading gauges wont be noticed.


It can be difficult to solder the leads, they are metals like nickel, chromel , alumel, constantan. yo can braze them with Easyflow rod if youre determined.


I used a joiner block of the type that has a metal strip between the screws and the wire being clamped, to avoid shearing off of the wire.





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