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Engine mount for EA81 in Zodiac 650

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Hi Tim,


Glad to see you're using a 'proper' engine !


My cowling came from Zenith and is listed for a Rotax 912. Depending on the mount, you may have to fibre glass two bulges for the rocker covers. I didn't need to but as I've used a Weber carb I had to put a bulge in the top instead.





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Will depend on whether you use a redrive.Engine hight will alter.

Huge power difference.



Looking at an Autoflight redrive, plus some of their other options like dual port heads, efi, tuned intake & exhaust.



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Hi Tim, I have a engine mount for an E81 to go into an zenith 701 might be the same or similar enough to alter.

Sorry for the late reply Terry, are the 701 & 601/650 firewalls/engine mounts the same.



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