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A sim for a Troglodite

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Speaking as an IT Bonobo with a pile of Microsoft and X plane discs, is there somewhere you can go and get it set up so it works with local scenery and either multi screen or VR headset so it works? You can see great stuff on Youtube on sims people have set up but I'm lucky if I can get anything that remotely looks like Moorabbin. And as for Essendon to Coldstream....... Color and movement but not much of an airstrip. Any suggestions? Could probably sell me a computer too. I'm sure I'm the only one and anyone out there would know more than me. Any suggestions?



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Community Scenery Design Workshop - OZx Forum


YMMB Moorabbin Airport - Orbx


AirDailyX: Lylidale updated




Caveat: Many hours can be spent choosing, configuring and flying these sceneries. Time that might have been used eating/walking the dog/staying married/staying employed/sleeping. I am not responsible for the quality of anyone's real world life except my own.



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The YLIL scenery from Orbx appears to be FSX only.


Slightly off topic but these interviews with Austin Meyer are worth a shout out:


FSBreak 22: Austin Meyer from X-Plane, and Real Environment Xtreme from FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast


FSBreak 102: Austin Meyer talks X-Plane 10 - FSBreak Podcast - FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast


Also, please vote "like" on useful posts to make them easier for others to find.



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