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Anybody want my old paper maps?

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I've got out-of-date paper VTC, VNC and WAC for Sydney, Canberra, Denilliquin and Newcastle. Plus ERSA. I may have Sydney Basin guides too as they keep getting sent for free.


Previously I have been scribbling on these while simming and the occasional navigation flight.


I have more than I need and I will probably buy new ones for the 25 May 2017 cycle.


I will send them COD Post for the cost of the postage (if its over $5 otherwise free). The maps are provided as-is, rips pencil marks and all. The ERSA is a heavy beast. Everything else should fit in a standard A4 envelope.


Anyone who wants my maps, PM me.



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Hi mnewbery - I don't know how to PM here, but if still available, I'd like those maps. Am a low hour student, and interested in becoming familiar with what they look like (true). Happy to pay for postage. My address: PO Box 231, North Adelaide SA 5006.



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I am looking at two out of date paper maps:


Canberra/Albury VTC 10 November 2016


Brisbane/Sydney VNC 10 November 2016


They were $12 each when new and are both apparently unmarked.


Anyone who wants them for study or simulation please PM me an address and I'll pop them I the mail.


I probably have later versions of same that are out of date too



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MN good on you for sharing a resource! As a lifelong map addict, I hate to see them tossed out. Hopefully Martin (above) can PM you.


I use OzRunways but always have a paper map and flight plan as backup, but my old maps are getting tatty and out of date, so I'll be buying  a new set soon.



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