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RAA and Twin Engines.

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The LAZAIR is a twin engine plane and they are currently on the RAA register so its not really a big leap forward....

so where is the twin endorsement in raa, or am I missing something



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Only one still flying in the world, lady owner, only one pilot qualified to fly it. Saw it at Oshkosh two years ago.

Wouldn't the person signing off the pilot be also qualified to fly it, and who signed that person off....hmmmmm chicken and egg

Seriously how would that work



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IF you don't design a twin properly it can be much more dangerous than a single. Since the engine(s) are generally the major cost items you are increasing the expense profile, for what? A twin has to be quite overpowered with both operating to fly on one, and IF it doesn't fly on one it's a single with two chances of engine failure happening. Nev



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