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New toy 360 Fly 4K Camera

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Guest Jacques_78

Hi guys


Tried my new 360 degree camera out today


Here is some footage. Make sure your youtube quality is set to 'high' to avoid it being pixelated.


Use your finger to move the video around, works quite well


A bit of low flying with the Aerochute.




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Nice. Just watched it in 360 mode, I've got the Samsung S7 and the Gear VR oculus glasses. Don't thing it works in 360 mode without it [properly] .


I've taken a few videos in flight with the 360 Gear camera, first video is in a Wirraway up at Cessnock and the other in the Foxbat.


keep putting them up! Nice work







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Probably depends on what you are watching it on. Works fine on a desktop with Win 10. Just like Google Streetview.



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