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This is my first post, although I have been following RF for some time.


As others have noted also, I too suspect that I am 'addicted' to Bex's build thread. I am agog at his skill and experience combined with his ability to rapidly work around a problem and find a workable solution. I have to confess that when I first log on each day, I check to see what exciting new build photos have been uploaded. There is a tangible sense of disappointment when nothing new is displayed! No pressure Bex on a fellow Brissie boy!


I enjoy the witty repartee and ripostes between many of the members, and acknowledge that the occasional 'dummy spit' is merely part of our modern cyber life, where due perhaps to the lack of communication cues such as body language, irony is sometimes mistaken for sarcasm!


Currently I am not in the air. I commenced my PPL on a C172 in Mt Isa many decades ago, but like many other young Aussies at the time, decided to head off to Europe instead and do the 'grand tour' just like the 18th century British upper classes.


I have vague dreams of a self build, thus my keen interest in Bex's exploits, but I'm rather long in the teeth(actually tripping over them) so time may beat me - keep at it Bex! Wouldn't it be great to have a decent, reasonably priced engine to go in it!


I'm not an RAAus member, but am saddened by the discord that appears to exist in that members' organisation and its leadership. It will be good for recreational aviation when those animosities are put to bed.


Although I haven't posted before, I've followed along many interesting threads and find this sharing of information, expertise and experiences makes me feel almost as if I'm in the air with you. Great stuff!


cheers John



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Welcome Hawkeye, so glad you decided to join us. Like most of us, you're following Bex's wonderful journey and we all wish him success with his build. What area do you hail from?



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Welcome John!


From your original post I can tell that you'll quickly become one of the witty riposters (sic).


Better tone down the Bex admiration though - otherwise his head won't fit in his canopy... (we just secretly admire him, out loud we abuse him to keep him humble. Doesn't seem to be working though.)



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