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I'm after a set of NESMITH COUGAR plans if anyone has a set they would like to sell.


Or where they can be bought from; apparently "Acro Sport Inc" in the US used to sell them but I have been told they are no longer trading.


Any information would be appreciated.







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Aircraft Spruce list them but don't sell them.They tell you to go to Acro Sport Inc.

Have you searched through KitPlanes or they may have a wanted section that builders read???



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Gday Blackhawk


The Cougar is basically a copy of the Wittman Tailwind. Some differences are the cougar has folding wings and no flaps to help facilitate the folding wings.


The landing gear on the tailwind is different to the cougar as the Tailwind gear was patented by Steve wittman. The cougar gear was prone to breaking the fuselage due to tourque forces in inadequately re inforced structure. Also the cougar plans are said to be woefully inadequate and many builders ended up buying tailwind plans.


There are now separate plans that can be bought for full aluminium wet wings for the tailwind , and a lot of mods from the original that are now being used .


You should try the Yahoo Tailwind group. Active forum with many builders and plenty of help and advice.


I would like to build something like this with a jabiru 3300 turbo efi and Liquid cooled heads aprox 160hp. I reckon it would be good for 230Mph TAS at 10000 ft flat out


That's about 200knots or 370kph.


Just be aware that the stall speed at 600kg would be around 55 60mph which is 48 -57 knots so may stall a little high for RAA Reg . Again the guys in the tailwind forum can answer stall speed questions etc.


You will need to join the group to ask questions , takes about 24 hours to be accepted


Yahoo! Groups





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Thanks for all the info.


I am a long time member of Yahoo Groups and I do know all the history of the Wittman Tailwind and the Nesmith Cougar.


I have tried ringing their US number and left a message.


Acro Sport Inc would have to be the only aircraft building company I know, that doesn't have an email address; they must loose a lot of business when people can't contact them.


And the stall speed for the Nesmith Cougar is 39 knots @ 567kg and the Tailwind is 45 knots @ 590kg


Photo of a Nesmith Cougar.





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in a container be still cheaper than building.......nothing really selling here so you would get it cheaper than what advitised for,



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Gee that looks nice:-) Just gotta get it over here, there's some cost! The 0-235 is the best engine available I reckon, up to 125HP, bullet proof, nothing matches it!

Fly it home.




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Got a set of Nesmith plans from the US; should be here this week.Thanks to the members for their input.




Many hours of enjoyment to you sir.



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