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Hi Team


Allan here from N.Z, new to flying, slowly cranking through the license and looking FWD to picking experienced brains in regards Rotax ver Jabiru engines.


In the market for a reasonable STOL aircraft so I can get in the back country to chase Canada Geese and Deer so that is another top of the list topic. Savannah - Foxbat- 701, all threads and advice appreciated.



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Hi Guernsey


You have got that one right, Grumpy comes from the grand-daughters who say that's what I am when not flying or freezing in a paddock trying to shoot something.


Doing the homework on the Jabiru 2200 supplied around 2013 as a aircraft I am looking at has one fitted, and most sites state they still have issues around the 300hr mark, any advice being from the home of these beasts



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