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My friend purchased a roll of fabric from Avi quip when they were closing down ,there are no identifying marks on fabric or the cardboard tube is there anyway of determining wether it is stits or ceconite .cheers Geoff.



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I've heard it's all the same, but I just can't confirm that. I suspect it's the same, given that there are three grades (weights) of each, and the light, medium and heavy are each 1.87, 2.79 and 3.4 oz per square yard, (not per yard off the roll) that is no mere coincidence. Ceconite 102 is supposedly one inch wider at 73 inches. Polyfiber light I have used and it did have a stamp on it of some sort, about every yard along. Unroll quite a bit more fabric and see what's there? I'd be really surprised if it had no stamps at all, and probably wouldn't use it if it couldn't be identified.


Just checked the polyfiber book - YES, each does have a very clear POLYFIBER stamp, with the grade.


Just searched google, and YES, Ceconite also has a unique stamp.


If yours has no stamps, it may just be a generic dacron. But I'd still be surprised if it has nothing on it at all.



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I think that you will find that unmarked fabric is uncertified Ceconite.


From the Aircraft Sprice catalogue:




Light-weight fabric is recommended for covering plywood surfaces on any aircraft and any ultralight aircraft that is not certified. On certified aircraft, it is only approved for covering plywood surfaces. This fabric will be unstamped. 72" Width





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