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Looking for a load controller

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Casting the net wide!


I have a desire to create some high resolution load charts for a PA28R-201 (Arrow V), which is to say that I've made a vector chart for the load envelope, metric and imperial, but I cannot use them, even though the data is exactly the same as the 100th generation scan/crappy print in the aircraft's PoH, just, it's an illustrator file so I can make nice big and clear charts for training exercises.


I even sent the charts to Piper, who said :


No, we cannot approve his charts. If he was in the US, he could hire a FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) to approve his charts. I don’t know if Australia has a similar process.


So, I spoke with Bevan from AvPlan, as we also want to get our AvPlan .ac files approved, same issue, need someone with a CASA stamp to agree that 1 is 1, 3x4 does in fact equal 12 and that the envelope corners, copied from the PoH, are correct, then give us a CASA elephant stamp so we can use these files operationally.


In Australia, this person is known as, I believe, a "load controller", but google is not being very helpful in finding one.


Bueller? Anyone?



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