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Hi All


Im interested to hear what is the latest text that should be used for the human factors exam? I have read on other threads here to use the Generic Pilot Proficiency Program (GPPP)? But that was mentioned back in 2009 and wondering if anyone has done the exam more recently can comment on what they studied to prepare. I did my RPC back in 1995 but now I need to do a dreaded human factors exam apparently? The instructors at CRA sold me the below for $40 to study but after reading some of the comments in other threads Im wondering if I have the right text? The Generic Pilot Proficiency Program (GPPP) no longer seems to be available on the RAA website.


Many thanks







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Hi NinjaNate


It's been about 5 or 6 years since I did my Human Factors. I needed 2 goes at it. Initially I used a Bob Tait publication and found that it didn't cover what was in the exam (in my humble opinion). I then purchased the Dyson-Holland publication, the same as you have, and found it to be relevant.I was so happy with the Dyson-Holland book that I also went on and purchased their book for my Cross Country endorsement too.


Just my 2 cents worth.


Good luck





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Terrific, thanks Puddles. I shall read the Dyson-Holland book with gusto! :)


I also rang the RAA office today and asked which text they recommend and they said there's not any particular one they'd recommend but they did say that they had just recently signed an agreement with an external party to provide the education/assessment details for human factors but it wasnt public yet as to who that was...Stay tuned I guess....


When I said I had the dyson-holland text the lady I spoke said that should be fine but that her choice would be Bob Tait's book, ...if that is any hint on who they may have signed to take over the HF stuff.. we shall see in time??



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NN I did mine about 3 years ago.I will be honest, I did not study for it. I found it to be mostly common sense.

Thanks Geoff...flipping through the text it does seem to be all pretty common sense, albeit quite abstract in some of it's use/application to rec aviation. ;)



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Agree, I flipped through the text book just before the exam (Aviation theory centre series if I recall) and had a go, it was all common sense stuff and passed easily. Probably the easiest of all the exams for me.



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