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Camera port in Savannah S door glass?

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Has anyone come up with a means to take pictures through a large port or sliding window in Savannah S door? Without removing the door for flight?

This is how I did it for my early Savannah StolSpeed Aerodynamics - Performance Enhancement for Light Aircraft


Photos aren't very clear, but if you need more info just ask.


Works really well and I've used it a lot.



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Maybe consider a smaller window opening than the first post with similar mechanics , problem you would have a hinge in the top section of the door that would be visible continuously something about the size of a iPad mini not sure how well the hinge would cooperate with that small curve. I fly with door removed for any specific photo shoots as we don't do it that often.



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That's the idea maybe someone to manufacture a clear piece with the concave form. Could use a hole either round or semi round with the piece slightly larger circumference and have a couple of snap in levers to hold in place.



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