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Doors for a TST

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I've recently been looking into purchasing a Thruster TST, however my beloved girlfriend has said no to anything that doesnt have a fully enclosed cockpit.


In order to resolve this I was thinking about building a set of removable (because i quite like the idea of a paritally open cockpit) aluminium and lexan doors.


Does anybody know whats involved in doing this while keeping the aircraft legal to fly? Do I need to get an engineer's sign off for my plans and modifications, or can i just build it?



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Very Entertaining call. Shes a keeper though, and has been very supportive of the whole flying thing - even putting up with me keeping her awake all night doing circuits in my sleep ("goulburn traffic, ultralight gazelle 3290 turning downind for runway 26, goulburn" *rolls over* "goulburn traffic, ultralight gazelle 3290 turning base runway 26 goulburn" *rolls over* etc etc. She did object to the "touch and gos" though).


Anyway, if it can't happen there will be other planes that are suitable.. she just doesnt want to go flying in an open cockpit aeroplane.



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Guest TOSGcentral

Hi Sain,


Sorry no - there are no "legal" doors for a TST.


The problem is the pod shape. The authorised doors can only go on a T300 pod. A number of TSTs have been (quite legally) fitted with T300 pods so if you have one then go for your life.


But.... you will also have to put in a full roof panel and full rear bulkhead panel first to enclose the rest of the cockpit to brace for the doors.


The T300 pod is distinctive in that it has a deep cutaway aft of the instrument panel and a parallel side entry point. The TST (and Gemini) pods have a gently descending curve across the entry and no return flanges to the cockpit entry edges.


Regarding your girlfriend challenge I cannot really help - other by saying that that the three point situation is preferable in just touch and goes (Wrists and.....)







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Hi Sain,


I know you said you were after a TST Thruster. But I have a Gemini that is as good as a TST (SEE THRUSTER IN THE FOR SALE SECTION). It has doors that are removeble and a T300 pod. I have not needed to remove the doors yet even with the Queensland summers. It has good air vents to cover the hot days. It even has a music input that might also keep the other half happy. All the details are in the for sale section, but if you need any more, just let me know. You can also talk to Tony from TOSG about this aircraft. IT IS A GOOD ONE.


I want $15000, but that can be discussed


You can call me on 0427 872019





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