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Tesla's are becoming so common. Bringing my wife home from a concert at the Arts Centre Melbourne about 3 pm today, we passed a white one coming the other way. About 50 metres down the road, we came across this one parked in Linlithgow Avenue. We were stopped by a pedestrian traffic light, and as I had been down at Port Melbourne photographing a couple of cruise ships while she was at the concert, the camera was close handy so I grabbed it and snapped this for my daughter, who is a Tesla fanatic. (Any electric car for that matter). - Note: The light turned green as I took the picture, and there were a couple of cars in front of me. Traffic was moving a snails pace - so many roads being worked on and closed down to one or two lanes. Swan Street Bridge in particular.







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There's another piece of space junk sent up by the CEO of Rocket Lab Peter Beck in NZ. I's called the Humanity star & is a geodesic reflective sphere spinning in a low orbit & when visible appears as a twinkling star. You can check when it will be over your location HERE. It will re-enter the atmosphere in about 9 months & burn up.

Well, we were just outside and we spotted and followed the Humanity Star, for the best part of the couple of minutes it was visible to us at our location. I have to say, it was rather underwhelming as regards its brightness, and it took a while before we actually spotted it. I guess the near-full moon isn't helping any.
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