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D shackles for WB cables

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hey y'all,


in the process of giving 0455 a big refurb I want to replace all the D shackles at the end of the landing/flying wires.


I thought they'd be easy enough to source as a good quality stainless steel item from a chandlery but they're a real funny shape and I want to get the same design if possible - can't find anything similar on the interthingy...I'd be prepared to use a slightly different shape but the dimension from the inside of the top section to the outside of the pin must be exactly the same, otherwise I would be looking at changing the length of all the cables = damn !


anybody got any idea where I can get them from? I haven't tried Kupunn (or Lockwood) as yet...







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Hi BP,


You could also try :-


C H Smith Marine


Arnold's Boat Shop


I have sourced SS Marine grade D shackles from both these guys. I used shackles having a pin with a seizing hole so I could safety wire them.


Good luck!







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thanks Neil, I'll check them out too - geez these ones that came on the acft are a weird shape !!!BP

Could you post a photo? All the Drifters I've seen, including mine, had standard marine bow shackles. They used the bow type to allow wires to pull off-angle from the ends of the strap under the pan, because the strap end couldn't be at the right angle for both the inner and the outer flying wires, so it was set at half way between each of them.



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oh gr8 - I only need 20 - wonder how much it would cost to get the old ones sand blasted and chromed??? or maybe powder coated??? or maybe gold plated???

They're a high quality shackle, you don't need to replace them.


BUT - you certainly shouldn't sand-blast them or plate them with anything, chrome or otherwise, plating can change the metallurgy of tensile steels and make them brittle.


You could soda-blast them but if it were me I would carefully use an abrasive nylon brush like this in a drill -




available from Bunnings, Josco brand, for about $17. Then paint them with a rust inhibiting epoxy.



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New ones are usually nickel or cadmium plated. The are various way you can find on youtube for removing rust using electrolysis and nickel plating.


Could be a fun educational exercise. Just don't use any process that involves hydrogen (hydrochloric acid based), or you will get hydrogen embrittlement.


If Fisher was doing a resto using AN115 shackles, he said he just cleaned them on a wire wheel the painted them gold.



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