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Bushcat LSA by SkyReach

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My thoughts were that "who knows who wrote them" somebody from the factory ect, thought i would post them anyway, Head in the clouds has a very good point !!!



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Just thought I'd update about the stall fix kit, for want of a better word. It is extremely comprehensive, not just a bag of vortex generators as was the speculation. The tailplane surfaces are all la

I know its an old thread and post but the Cheetah was also developed further and certified to BCARS int eh UK as the Medway SLA series and they are MUCH lighter than you might think ...  80hp 912 - e

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I read that report somewhere as well . It’s worrh bearing in mind that the Cheetah has lower speeds than the Bushcat. Skyreach have finished their testing with the VGs and I believe it lowers stall by 10mph. Which should just get it back in the game for the US market



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guys did you look at the Explorer (also a South African cousin) hopefully better performance at 600kg. MTOW. My kit took about 6 weeks to arrive.



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Yep, thats what Erol told me, seems too good to be true !! ??

It will be correct. Since the FAA know about the discrepancies in the original figures I’m sure they’ll make real sure it’s right this time!



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Hi Guys,Im also looking at the Bushcat taildragger,, Im a little skeptical at the moment regarding stated performance, took one out for a test flight yesterday and loved it, 70/80 knts doors off


stall clean around 40, 1 notch and 2 notch no different at 36ish. very very comfortable , i am 6ft 110kg and it was the most comfortable plane Ive flown !!


Erol tells me that all the new models come with VGs which will lower the stall speed by 8 knts !!!!


However, Im not trusting too much about what the manufacturer says,, Im based at Heck field and know Erol very well, he is a really nice bloke and most if not all that he has stated has been true,


but also a salesman with a business to run.


If I order it will be very nice to know that there are people around me building at the same time.


Decisions Decisions, Im also looking at the Savanaha VG XLW


Found this info below too, all for now. Mike




I’ve installed your VGs on my Bushcat/Cheetah airplane and I couldn’t be happier.


The test was conducted with an instructor and both of us are very impressed.




- Vs 50mph


-Vs1 45mph


-Vs0 40mph


The stall had no buffet warning and the nose dropped suddenly. Flare a bit too high at the landing would be a hard one.


After VGs installed on the wings only:


- Vs 38mph


-Vs1 35mph


-Vs0 30mph


The stall had a buffet and a gentle nose drop. Power on stall had a brutal nose drop. Soft landing, great low speed control.


After VGs installed on the horizontal stabilizer:


Vs 35 mph


Vs1 30mph


Vs0 30mph


The stall has no buffet anymore and no nose drop. Instructor not happy about this configuration for a training A/C.


I glued mine with marine silicone and I don't know what the UV resistance is. It might not be long term reliable but that was the only glue which worked for the trilam.


Conclusion: it worked on my aircraft! The improvement in lowering the stall speeds is dramatic. As well as the behavior at low speed.


Liviu, Namibia, Africa

I too have installed the Vg's on my taildragger. Your numbers are right on. I only have the wing Vg's as SB'd by the manufacture.



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Skykeith can you us more about your experiences with the Bushcat in general, and about the safety bulletin in particular? Were you able to operate under a lower MTOW until the issue was sorted?

I've been flying my Bushcat for nearly 2 years. Never had any issues with CG or with stall recovery. I have installed the VG's and they did lower the stall speeds about 5 mph. As far as the issue of the restricted CG envelope.: That is causing some operational issues. Because the envelope has been drastically reduced, I must fly with approx. 380 lbs in the passenger seats and only a max of 15 gallons of fuel. The MTOW is back to 1320 lbs but the CG issue is still being resolved by SkyReach.



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Well ev17ifly2 and I received our kits. Since they were shipped in the same container we really are twin brothers! I’ve just finished checking everything is there, which it is. Might be a couple of weeks before I even start though so he is probably off to a head start :D



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Not many get under 300.. Nev

I know its an old thread and post but the Cheetah was also developed further and certified to BCARS int eh UK as the Medway SLA series and they are MUCH lighter than you might think ...


80hp 912 - empty 269kg


100hp 912 - empty 270kg


shorter wing 100hp 912 - empty 269kg


All needed a lot of weight trimming - not cheap to achieve - lighter weight composites, lithium batteries, full elelctronic dash. 


So it IS possible to get an decent 912 powered airframe under 300kg with all the bells and whistles ... AND all tested and certified to 472.5kg so they have 200kg useful load - not fantastic but UK microlights are limited to 472.5kg so thats life





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Ok guys where are the Build Pics ?

 Come on now.  I joined this forum JUST to follow this thread

I won’t be posting on this forum but there will be pics on BushCat Club and BFDU on FB



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Was sidetracked for a bit with a property purchase and also a costume for Supanova

Danny - So what costume do you have planned, for when you start flying the Bushcat? Biggles?  003_cheezy_grin.gif.045ea30218c055c2781fc6f7d18be527.gif


Used to have a bulldozer operator in my employ, who sometimes wore a (rather well-used) top hat and tuxedo, when operating the machine.


Gave some class to our operation, but it certainly made for some rubber-necking, when passers-by saw this, in a relatively-remote farmers paddock, in the Wheatbelt.  003_cheezy_grin.gif.045ea30218c055c2781fc6f7d18be527.gif



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My ride today is a taildragger BushCat. Took me a bit of time to learn to handle it and manage its speed after flying Drifters for five years or so. It's a great cruiser and with VGs it's STOLly enough to give me peace of mind in short strips. So all in all I'm very happy with it!



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Can anyone tell me the ballpark price for the kit in Australia 

Ballpark is $45,000 for the kit. Will vary a bit with the South African exchange rate. For instance I also bought a propeller from South Africa (P-prop) and when it was first quoted it worked out to about $1600 but by the time I paid for it was closer to $1400.



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