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I noticed it in the latest ERSA - Warnervale on the NSW Central Coast is now PPR only. No doubt in an attempt to catch out those pesky ultralight pilots that Council can't charge their exorbitant landing fees too.


Coming back to Somersby today, I heard someone calling themselves "Warnervale Base" request the contact details of a Gyro pilot who didn't contact them for permission beforehand on the CTAF, so if you aren't based there, get ready for a $27.50 landing fee for each movement - and there's no daily rate like you get elsewhere; even Bankstown has a daily charge, FFS! It'd be cheaper for me to fly to Brisbane Archerfield, do an hour of circuits there, refuel and then fly back to Somersby than it would be to fly the <5 minutes to Warnervale for an hour of circuits there and buy fuel from the aero club - By the way, that's another $110 just for the 'privilege' of refuelling on council land. FML... ranting.gif.5470ae857812d977cdbca23fadaf1614.gif


Another nail in the coffin for local GA, notwithstanding the flashy new website of the local aero club, unfortunately.



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