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Driver DESTROYS £27 million jumbo jet engine when towing

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Footage shows the clumsy driver of an airport tow tug pulling a Boeing 747 jumbo jet into a parked platform and destroying its 'very pricey' engine.


The accident happened at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.


KLM's Boeing 747-400 was being hauled into a parking bay by the pushback tractor when disaster struck.


The tug makes a sharp turn to the right and mangles the turbine on the upright freight stand.


No passengers or crew members were on board during the crash.


According to the Dutch airliner the engines are 'very pricey' with engines 'roughly costing between $12 and $35 million' (between £9.2 and £26.9 million).


KLM confirmed the accident and said it is unclear how long the Boeing 747 will be out of action, but a reserve 747 would be used instead.


KLM is currently phasing out the iconic jumbo jets, which first hit the skies in 1969, for the modern Boeing 787 Dreamliner.





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It's not a total write off. A hard hit and those engines are designed to break away. When you are moving something with that sort of wingspan, you need plenty of room. They usually have clearance lines painted where it's obvious if equipment is inside the area you need to have as you approach it.. Nev



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Nothing tight about the turning situation there - it's just that that freight stand should never have been left in that position on the apron, where it was highly likely the next jet to be towed in, would hit it.



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