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Old lightwing 912 info/history

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Hi to you all in this forum.


I saw an advert on




for Lightwing 912 aircraft rego 19-3263


does anyone know it's history, weight limitations, quality, etc.


It seems to be modified with fibreglass shell, and replacement engine.


Not been in use for a long time now. What is the general opinion about its worth and pitfalls ?


Many thanks for any responses.



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Have a look at the thread "Lightwing Models ?". Scroll down a bit on page 2 of this "Lightwing" folder/header/group of threads. It was started back in late 2011, and has old pics and some history on 19-3263. Doug Evans may be able to shed some light on further info. or who to contact, etc. Cheers



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Have you tried contacting Lightwing? Last time I contacted them (a few years ago) they were very helpful.

Thanks for your attention. I've been in touch with Lightwing as well. It was the prototype apparently. First with 912 engine; but it proved too heavy with all the 'glass. Still, I guess they last a long time.



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