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I have been searching the web but cant seem to find a older image to suit. I used to have one here but cant find it worse luck...I have a old ssd it maybe on so need to throw it in and see if its there



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I have a new raspberry pi 4 with the digital receiver etc but I can't find the installation package to download for the ADS-B.


Can anyone point me to the link?


I found one stratux but it doesn't boot up on a raspberry pi 4.







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Hi Azhar, I to have fallen for this trap. I've built now several of those Pi ADS-B receivers. There is NO SOFTWARE "out there" for the Pi4. You have to sell that Pi4 off, and buy a Pi3B+ - this is the ONLY one the software works on. It's a different boot process for the Pi4 than the Pi3. Sorry dude, but at least you now have an answer. Regardless, here is your link for the download: http://stratux.me/#download



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